Pandemonium 2012: Update + Hitmachine (The People’s Choice)

It’s still some time away, but preparations for the biggest early hardcore event of the year are already in full swing. Pandemonium, the name alone makes many hardcore fan’s heart beat faster, and the organization has already put a lot of effort into making this a great editition. The theme Virtual Imprisonment will be visually elaborated in a very cool way, and also musically plenty exciting things will happen. Cyndium decided this year, at the insistence of the public, to complement the 3 areas of the most recent editions with a genuine Early Terror room… Sore legs guaranteed!

Hitmachine People’s choice

Because the opinion of the visitors has high priority to Cyndium, the organization wants to invite you to actively be part of Pandemonium. The set of Hitmachine will therefore entirely be determined by you, the audience! At [url= [/url]

you can find a list of 60 tracks which can be voted on. The tracks can all be heard separately and also you can see here how you can vote for your favorite songs. The tracks with the most votes will be processed by Hitmachine into a set!


Here the full lineup:

Mainstage : Pandemonium (Early Rave - Early Hardcore)

Ruffneck vs. Omar Santana

Frantic Freak

Manu le Malin vs. Laurent Ho

Hitmachine (The people’s choice)

Delta 9 vs. Lenny Dee


Hardcore United: (Darkraver/Buzz Fuzz/Stylo/Waxweazle)

Stanton vs. Pavo

The Twins Artcore

Area 2 : Paradox (Hardcore from 2000 till 2012)

The Outside Agency vs. Ophidian


Promo vs. Catscan

Endymion vs. Nosferatu

The Viper vs. Tha Playah

Art of Fighters


Armageddon Project

Predator vs. Hellsystem

Area 3: Nocturnal: (Frenchcore from 1997 till 2012)

Braindrillerz vs. Adrenokrome

The Sickest Squad vs. Sirio

The Speed Freak


Dr. Peacock

Radium vs. Maissouille

Lethal Injection vs. Dawnbreaker


Dam vs. Prototype Hardcore

Area 4 :The Chamber of Terror (Early Terror)

The Destroyer
Frantic Freak


Unfortunately there are no more tickets available through Ticket Script. Also the VIP Upgrade is completely sold out. Normal tickets cost € 47,50 (ex fee) and VIP tickets € 62,50 (ex fee) and they can only be ordered through, and at the official Cyndium Facebook page.


Watch the trailer of Pandemonium 2012 - Virtual Imprisonment: [url=[/url]

Other info

In the coming weeks there will be more detail on the contents of the 4 different areas and related artists. So stay tuned! Not just here, but also on the Pandemonium page at [url =] Facebook [/ url] and the official Cyndium [url = http://nl-nl. / Cyndium] Facebook [/ url] page.

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